Be a part of the global working BNCT team for scientific clinical work

Dear colleague interested in BNCT,

I would like to draw your attention to an important topic (which you are familiar with)
and, above all, ask you if you are interested in going on an adventure with like-minded

Actual BNCT is the result of strong progress in interdisciplinary clinical research of physics,
chemistry, pharmacy and technology for large-scale use in modern and advanced medicine.
It combines state-of-the-art technological development with the requirements of one of the
most important disciplines of medicine, namely oncology. These have opened up very
promising additional possibilities for scientific applications.
We expect a rapidly growing interest from clinicians and health care providers around the
world, as soon as the results of the Japanese controlled clinical trials that were performed
under the auspices of the PMDA will become available. But there was no institution
worldwide prepared and able to coordinate the complex translational research activities
that are necessary to make BNCT a success in a limited time period.

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